Feed Me

Day 1 of the diet is almost over.  I’ve found it quite difficult to stay focused and not give in – especially when cooking dinner! I’d picked up a piece of chicken and almost ate it but now the day is over I’m glad I didn’t cave to the crave.  Yay me! Apparently the first … More Feed Me

A Good Day

Today was a good day. I travelled to Market Harbourough to see one of my closest friends.  What a great day.  She’s made me feel amazing and this is what friendship is all about.   I miss her already! Just being in her presence has made me feel good. So good.  YaY Alex*  We chatted for a … More A Good Day

Nothing Really

Today has been a quiet one.  I should have made more of an effort and went out but no one was free so I stayed in.  Tick tock… Just me and my mind.  Tick tock… Tomorrow I’m definitely going out. I feel a wave of sadness trying to steal my happy.  I need to stay … More Nothing Really

She’s in There!

So 3pm I finally made it out of the house but I’m not complaining I’m congratulating myself.  I can’t remember the last time I’d woken up, had a bath, had breakfast, brushed my teeth, done my make-up and got dressed into something that wasn’t leggings or frumpy AND felt good.  So good.  The old me … More She’s in There!

With Love

I’m back in bed after another anxiety free day which makes me wonder, is it all in my head?  The thought of getting addicted to the anxiety pills Made something snap in me.  The only thing I want to be addicted to is love. A close second is smiling.  Ahh to love and be loved.  … More With Love

Angel Nurse

“Miss Allen” Yay my turn!  I’ve stood up and smiled at the pretty and friendly face smiling at me.  “Oh aren’t you beautiful? Come with me”  The friendly smiling face took me down a corridor and into a room.  “Have a seat, what a beautiful name and beautiful face”  I tried not to laugh “I’d … More Angel Nurse