We Have Lift Off!

Wow! I’ve impressed myself with how productive today has been given the slow start. I couldn’t wake up for love nor money. I was like a Neanderthal when I’d let my cleaner in. I think I managed 1 sentence before disappearing back to my pit. I finally woke at 11:45 to my phone going off. It was my Support Worker – I’d forgotten and now had 15 minutes to look human.

Although I’d cried, that meeting was a breath of fresh air. Finally someone ‘got it’ and was ready to fight my upcoming battles with me. The sweetest music to my ears.

Next up was my meeting with a Dr my psychiatrist referred me to. I cried there too but it was also a breath of fresh air. They’ve prescribed me sleeping tablets, which given that it’s now midnight, I’m going to say they don’t work! Also anxiety tablets for the daytime.

That takes the total number of tablets I take daily up to 15. Yes I rattle when I walk!

Then there was the food shop – without my helper. Yuk! It took almost 2 hours thanks to my shitty lungs and a Raynauds attack. (I’ll write a separate blog explaining my poor health at some point this week). I was so relieved to get back in the car and put the heating on. The shame when I looked in the mirror and saw the snot dribbles though!! Thank you Raynauds – you never disappoint.

Back home I was too weak to unload the car so I called Deion (my son) to do it. I took a few moments to pull my strength together then we unpacked together. My lungs were playing up again so Deion rubbed my back and ran me a warm bath. I prepared dinner then had a mini soak in the bath. By the time I’d finished dinner was ready to be served up. We really enjoyed it! As today was pancake day it would have been rude not to have had any. So I made us some lemon & sugar ones for dessert – yum!
I’d then taken my tablets and climbed into bed with Deion’s laptop as I can’t find the charger for mine. I wanted to write about something else but was mindful of the sleeping tablet kicking in. Now I know it doesn’t work I will write away next time.

So here we both are. I’m at the end of my day. What are you doing? I’m already looking forward to my breakfast! I just might go and grab a snack to tie me over… 😜💗

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