Judging Me

Why’s she doing this blog?

Why’s she telling everybody everything? 

Why’s she put a photo up with no wig? 

Why isn’t she wearing make up? 

How can she be so open?

Why isn’t she embarrassed?

Now she’s letting everyone know her business!…

I could go on but you get the gist. I’m being judged so let me answer,

It’s because I can!

And now that I’ve started nothing can stop me. 

I want to raise more awareness for mental health. 

I want people to understand me and my quirks. 

I want people to understand exactly what I go through daily to present you with a smile so then, when I do cry, you know it’s real and needed. 

I want people to like me. The real me. 

I want people to see how hard I fight and respect me for it.

I want people to ask questions that will furnish their minds with what my unique illnesses are about.

I want people to ask me for advice as I do them. 

I want people to love me. Love my hugs. Love my generosity. Love my smile but most of all love my honesty. 

I want to meet people that struggle so I don’t feel so alone.

I want to feel I have a life. 

Some sort of purpose. Even to make the smallest change would be incredible. 

In my new dreams I’ll stop aching for death and instead I’ll be helping all kinds of people with living just by opening up and telling my story. 

My life’s a heavy read but I’ll keep breaking it down blog by blog. 

I hope you enjoy me!


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