Kick Start

Something’s happening. 

I’ve had the tiniest buzz of excitement and it feels gooooood!

I don’t want to jinx it and I actually don’t want to die today – progress! 

I saw my new social worker today and she was great. I’ve cried loads – like proper sobbed but somehow feel better than yesterday – like something good is coming…

I think my pills are kicking in. 

I slept until 2pm and missed another appointment but woke to plenty of messages which was nice. 

Yay! The world cares!

I’ll make up my missed appointment tomorrow. I’ll be requiring more pills and more of this positive flicker. 

I feel a twitch of strength and the mirror portrayed a glint of the old me. 

It was only for a split second but I saw her. I felt her. I liked her. I want her. 

I want her back!

I need to get better. 

There’s very little I can do about my physical health but my mental health – come on girl! You can do this!!!!💪

I need to look at the people cheering me on and feel lucky not sad. 

“Mina take it one day at a time. 

One breath at a time.” 

They see something special in me even if I can’t yet…

I’ll get there. 


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