Ugly Hands

Ugly Hands why you look so?

Straighten yourself so no one will know!

Ugly Hands you’re black and you’re  white?

Cover them up or go out at night!

Ugly Hands you pick things up odd!

What you done wrong to get this from God?

Ugly Hands you are dry and so rough in parts!

Contstantly moisture them if you are smart.

Ugly Hands are covered in cuts.

The way you show them – you have guts!

Ugly Hands make people stare!

Make them better or don’t you care?

My Ugly Hands would like to interrupt,

And doesn’t care if it’s abrupt!!

My Hands are Ugly through no fault of my own!

This is what I was given this is homegrown!

My Ugly Hands still service they cook – they clean. 

The latter might not be great but my dinners are mean!

My Ugly Hands will offer change to those in the street.

Never once have they refused as my digits weren’t neat!

I’ve had change flung at me but no anger I’ve dedicated. 

More like I felt pity for the uneducated. 

For my Hands are indeed Ugly but my god they do love.

Everyone is welcome but expect no glove.

I am not contagious and will do you no harm.

Just teach you new love – put your hand in my palm. 

Let me take you a place where staring is cheap.

Let me guide your imperfections, confidence you’ll reap. 

There is no cure so you’ll wear your scars proud.

Especially in places you feel they’re not allowed. 

You’ll take this damn Ugly and make it beautiful forever. 

Come take my queer Hand and we’ll storm every weather. 


Different is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L

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