Hush Little Baby

I had all these plans for today and achieved only 2. 

Better than none. 

My body & brain just would not wake up today I’ve literally slept the whole of the day away. I felt like I needed a cuddle, to feel love. 

I’m feeling unloved.

I don’t know how to handle it so I’ve slept and slept and slept. Dreaming of pretty things. Nice things. 

Like love. 

Oh to feel loved. To feel the magic. To enjoy the explosion of feel good emotions. To feel giddy. To feel smiley. To feel safe. 

My son asked me why I was rocking myself in bed and I told him it was because I like it. 

The truth is it’s because I feel like someone’s there with me. Holding and protecting me. I feel less alone. And I’ll rock until sleep spirits me away. 

I know it’s not good to be happiest when unconscious but I’m allowing these down days as part of my healing process. Yesterday I was happy, today I’m blurgh.

The rough with the smooth.

I’m holding my teddy and will rock myself to sleep and the future – tomorrow will be better, kinder, stronger. 

Hush little baby, someone’s going to love you…


2 thoughts on “Hush Little Baby

  1. Hey…i love you!! if i could hug you i would, we all have our ways of feeling more loved or to feel less alone, you rock in bed, i look up at stars and the moon. Everyones different, but know that you are loved! OK. i hope you have great day! stay positive! 🙂

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