My Lillabeth

I’ve been trying to write but the words won’t come out, 

This is harder than I expected what’s that all about?!

Maybe because our history is so rich and deep,

I’ll only get wimpy and uncontrollably weep.

There’s something that sets you apart from the rest,

A reason why you’re beyond the best.

So many memories are flooding my brain,

Trying to order them will drive me insane.

So I’ll start with a thank you from the bottom of my heart

Now I feel ready the poem can start…

You’ve held my hand and NEVER let go,

How you’ve put up with me I’ll never know.

I’ve been all kinds of crazy and you’ve just let me be,

I’ve had a mad life and you’ve NEVER judged me.

I was lying there sick on my hospital bed,

You walked in the room and it cleared my head.

You gave me a hug and said “you’ll be alright”

And you were spot on but was one hell of a fight.

You’ve seen my attempt to settle down,

You’ve seen me date the worlds worst clown.

You’ve seen me rise and you’ve seen me fall,

Seen me with everything then nothing at all.

But not once did you retreat or push me away,

Without moving your lips said I’m here to stay.

I take you as you are good or bad I don’t care,

I’ll always be your friend, I’ll always be there.

You’ve given me memories nothing can erase,

The best belly laughs through our childish phase.

We can go without seeing each other for months at a time,

And pick up where we left off and know it’s just fine.

Phone calls last hours and talk never runs low,

We just listen and natter and go with the flow. 

My minds just cast back to when we thought we were cool,

Dancing in the mirror instead of going to school.

Water fights in the house, hot chocolate and pot noodles,

Tara the dog, homework and my doodles.

And that burgundy suit you won’t let me forget,

It has got to have been the worst outfit yet!

I still remember our music Next & Jodeci,

Those songs will always be special to me. 

Fast forward a little and we decide to be grown,

I still remember the night you told me your seed was sown.

By your side through the process of gas & air,

A beautiful daughter with lots of black hair.

A handsome son followed before it was my turn,

A shock to my system I had so much to learn.

You were the first person I called after the test,

“You’ll be fine I’ll help you just do your best”.

Now just look how we’ve grown over the years,

The struggles, the laughs, the emotional tears.

Another two babies and your home was neat,

A private ceremony made everything complete.

I look at our journey and the paths we chose,

I’m SO proud of you woman! Through defiance you’ve rose.

Your head is so strong which makes others weak,

You have all that you need so approval you don’t seek.

I stand back in admiration of the life you’ve created,

A solid family unit that is highly rated.

Thank you for being there and just letting me be me,

Thank you for the little things that others can’t see.

Thank you for the memories the laughs and joy,

Thank you for being the first friend to hold my boy.

Thank you for the guidance and all your love & care.

Thank you for the support, always being there.

But my biggest thank you is from me to you,



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