Angel Nurse

“Miss Allen”

Yay my turn! 

I’ve stood up and smiled at the pretty and friendly face smiling at me. 

“Oh aren’t you beautiful? Come with me” 

The friendly smiling face took me down a corridor and into a room. 

“Have a seat, what a beautiful name and beautiful face” 

I tried not to laugh

“I’d read your notes and wasn’t expecting you! I would never have known you’re so beautiful! Anyway I know you normally see Jenny but do you mind if I see you today? My name is Anna*” 

I didn’t mind at all. My confidence was taking a boost. 

It was the best thing ever – at the moment… if you get what I mean!

By the end of my appointment we were both crying and hugging it out. 

She truly was an Angel Nurse. She went beyond the standard script of care and genuinely cared, cared.

Am I making sense? 

She made me feel alive again. Not jump out my seat and dance alive – just no longer dead inside. 

I’d got more flickers of the old me. I’d felt her. So brief but longer than the last time. I want her back. 

Anna made me feel special – told me so even. She’d distinguished the different levels of pain I was/am experiencing and validated it all. She’d also made an agreeable point that when you’re at your lowest you can only go up. 

“There’s something special about you, keep getting up and looking all beautiful like this, better times are coming” 

I nodded. 

I liked Anna she was kind, blind and bloody optimistic!

I’d left the hospital feeling so positive. I almost took myself on a lunch date but decided against it after quickly realising that time alone was half my problem!

Instead I went shopping with my mom, sister (who also has Scleroderma) and my niece whom I nicknamed Prozac. It was a pleasant trip. My happy mood stayed level. Go me.

Next up I had my clinic appointment that saw me discharged from the home help team. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been seriously struggling these past few weeks so I’ve been getting help. 

After was a detour to the shop for supplies then home. I was feeling quite tired so wasn’t really up to cooking. Luckily I’d done an extra dinner last night so my boy ate well tonight. By the time I’d caught up with my messages, prepped tomorrow’s dinner, chatted with my boy and cleared up it was… wait – now! 


So sleepy and just realised I’ve not had a single anxiety pill today – #winning!😊


* No it’s not. 

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