With Love

I’m back in bed after another anxiety free day which makes me wonder, is it all in my head? 

The thought of getting addicted to the anxiety pills Made something snap in me. 

The only thing I want to be addicted to is love. A close second is smiling. 

Ahh to love and be loved. 

I can’t wait for the day that someone truly loves me and I feel it. That warm, safe, alien place that everyone bangs on about. 

Oh to love me would be crazy good! I’m a doter so every inch of my partner would be loved. I’d run (sort of) into their arms to greet them after work. I’d have a yummy supper waiting. I’d run them a bath. Massage their feet. Kiss their neck. Take in their scent. Listen to and enjoy their voice… I’d become heady just from their being. Oh to love me…

Love me.

One day someone is going to hold you so tight that all your broken pieces will be whole again. 

– Anon

Love me and let me love you. I seek an unbreakable bond brimming with respect. 

Is this too much fantasy? 

Am I being realistic? 

I just can’t seem to settle without it but who in the world would want me??

I mean I’m clearly having my Britany Spears ‘umbrella moment’. Is their anyone out there that could take that on and still love… I’m not too sure. It’s a big ask and I’m feeling quite greedy!

I want love and I’ll never stop hoping but until then it’s me, my psycho rock and my teddy. 

Night night 


2 thoughts on “With Love

  1. Loved it.
    And of course someone will love you. You haven’t found the person yet, keep looking, I’m sure the person is looking for you too!
    I hope it happens soon! ^_^
    Keep writing, okay?

    Liked by 1 person

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