Happy Mothers Day!

Here in the U.K. today is Mothers Day. A day of recognition for the She-ros of our lives. 

Above is my Nannie Allen on her 89th birthday. She passed away 6 months ago a month shy of her 91st. She was incredible and I miss her dearly but she left us with some of the most fantastic memories. We’ll all hold on to those with a smile. 

Next up is my very own mommy!

I defy anyone to make a dinner better than hers. My parents home is the family hub and where we all gather. My mom is lots of fun and incredibly strong. She worked her ass off and gave all 7 of her children the best. So far we’ve given her 5 grandchildren and lots of headaches! She hasn’t been put off though as she’s also a foster parent. 

Then there is me.

15 years ago I was told I’d never have children…

The photo above is of my first cuddle with my perfect miracle baby 13 years ago. 

I did it I’d beaten the odds. 

I also have raised him on my own since he was 18months old. It’s hard work being mom and dad but I did it and so proud of the lovely young man he’s becoming. 

The card he gave me was full of love and our humour. He melts my heart. 

I wish I could be better for him. Make his life easier. Make it more fun. 

I wanted my child to be a child but he had to grow up fast. He helps to take care of me and I both love it and hate it in equal measures. Im very lucky to have him. 

So lucky. I need to remember that next time I’m low. 

I’m not allowed to give up. He still needs me. I must fight on. 


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