A Good Day

Today was a good day.

I travelled to Market Harbourough to see one of my closest friends. 

What a great day. 

She’s made me feel amazing and this is what friendship is all about.  

I miss her already!

Just being in her presence has made me feel good. So good. 

YaY Alex* 

We chatted for a good hour before we moved on to a gooorgeous garden centre with a perfect kitchen attached. 

I’d ordered the all day breakfast – oh my! And she’d ordered the stacked pancakes. 

We both cleared our plates before shopping in the farm shop. 

I’d found lots of lovely treats there. 

I’d bought a cheesecake home as a sorry for being so late home but it was wasted! They wanted the cake and me

Oh well – nothing a couple of Sauvignon Blancs couldn’t fix. 

In the morning I start my diet… probably why those couple of glasses have turned into a couple of bottles! *hic* 

I hope tomorrow is even better than tonight…

Who knows?


*She’s not Alex!

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