Feed Me

Day 1 of the diet is almost over. 

I’ve found it quite difficult to stay focused and not give in – especially when cooking dinner! I’d picked up a piece of chicken and almost ate it but now the day is over I’m glad I didn’t cave to the crave. 

Yay me!

Apparently the first 3 days are the toughest with feeling hungry being the main side effect. I’m so glad I didn’t crumble as all I can think about is nice, delicious food. 

My belly is crying out for carbs and meat but I must behave. 

I hope tomorrow is a little easier. One things for sure I’ll have to keep myself busy or I’ll fail. 

Lying in bed now I’m fighting the urge to go downstairs and demolish the huge bag of Doritos… or a cheese sandwich…or left over chicken… anything

But I’ll regret it afterwards so best behaviour and hopefully a good nights sleep. 

Have any of lovely bloggers dieted before? Does anyone have any tips to help me through this hungry stage? 

I love food but need my summer body back…


5 thoughts on “Feed Me

  1. My biggest tip would be make sure that you are always full. Eat loads of vegetables and low fat protein like chicken. If you are full then you’ll be less tempted to pick at food in between meals. πŸ˜€ xx

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