Lucky is Me

Lucky (and happy) is how I’m feeling and how I’d like to stay.  So much to look forward to.  I hope you’ve all had a nice Sunday filled with happiness and love.  💗

Fuck It

I’ve had a great day surrounded by great people.  Other than having palpitations that have lasted a week I feel good.  Everything is moving in the right direction and everything is working out just fine.  8 weeks ago I was in the depths of hell – now I’m good and feel a little proud that … More Fuck It

Moving On

Great news – We got the house we nod bidded on!!!!  We should be moving in a month. I’m so happy!🏡🎉💗

My Anti Depressants 

I want to take this moment to show my fur babies some appreciation! I’m convinced that cats can sense when you need a cuddle as mine always snuggle with me at night when I’m down and it’s quite soothing.  They become really affectionate and purr loudly.  The fact that they want to be near me when … More My Anti Depressants 

Bring on the Good

Ever get that feeling that something good is going to happen? Well that’s me today and right this second.  I’m lying in my bed with palpitations and butterflies. Good times are coming – I can feel it.  Do you ever get that?  6 short weeks ago seems like 6 months. I’ve come a long way … More Bring on the Good

Mommy’s Here

So we’ve had an emotional evening. Lots of tears and plenty of cuddles.  I wish I could take my boys pain away but I can’t. All I can do is be there for him and make sure he knows he’s loved by both parents.  It’s taken almost 11 years to get to this truth. To … More Mommy’s Here

See Ya!

My sons father leaves to go back to the Bahamas tomorrow – that’s when the real fun begins.  He’s played dad for 4 nights and my son is over the moon.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  I wish this was easier. My anxiety is playing up a treat.  💗