Ride The Waves

Ooh I’m cranky tonight! 

I need a good starfish in my bed but I’m on the sofa – again…

Whenever I have guests I always give up my bed. I think it’s the courteous thing to do when you have no spare rooms, however, 4 times in 1 week is testing my civility. 

I’m super tired and hungry craving a good nights sleep and one of mamas soul food dinners. But there is zero room for cheating on this diet. The slightest deviation will be like a pin to a balloon so I’ve had to challenge myself a little deeper…

‘How bad do you want it?’

The food my mom cooked the family was so mentally delicious I almost caved but reminded myself of that feeling after you’ve pigged out and the satisfaction has passed. You’re left feeling deflated and actually bloated. 

It’s a no from me. 

I want that body back or at least my waistline. 

I’ve kept myself busy today. I think given the way I’m feeling now, that it was a little too busy. 

I’ve tried to be cool mom and super aunt burning myself out in the process. 

I love having my nieces. 

Earlier I went and laid some roses on my Nannie & Granddads grave, visiting a couple of friends whilst I was there too. 

Maybe that mixed with the hunger has altered my mood? 

It didn’t help that I had to dash to the train station as my son decided he wanted to get the train home but it was too late into the evening. When I got to the station, he wasn’t there. Turns out he got scared so started walking!! It was dark and I was so worried I snapped at him… 

Can any other parents relate? 

Was that a loss of control on my part or a normal reaction? I feel bad. I feel I didn’t handle him correctly. 

Before we got home there was a last minute diversion to the supermarket which saw one of my nieces wet herself… in the trolley… over my beloved bag. 

Deep breaths it’s no ones fault. 

So my quick penny pinching trip took longer than planned and saw me scraping the bottom of my purse.

My niece loves her new clothes and wanted new shoes too – ‘how about no and I’ll carry you?’.

Finally made it back home and was greeted with all the mess I’d ran out on, humph. 

I still had to feed the kiddies but with the house looking like we’d acquired squatters I had no idea where to start. 

“Auntie Mina!”


“Auntie Mina!”


“Auntie Mina!”




I snap again. 

It’s The Kid*, again. 

I’m just not built for pressure. 

Now we’re both in our ‘beds’ and moody as hell. That is not how we should be communicating or making each other feel. 

We should have made up before laying our heads but here we are;

One angrily snoring and the other angrily typing. 

So overall, a nice sunny day with smatterings of bird shit!

Ride the waves Mina. 

Ride the waves. 


*The Kid is my sons nickname 

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