The Power of Pink Pumps

When I woke this morning my stomach felt flatter – cue the good mood. 

When I got on the scales I was 5lbs lighter  – cue the smile.

It was destined to be a good day!

I hopped in the bath at human o’clock and got myself ready for the day. 

Downstairs I paced the kitchen dying to silence the hunger pains and boy were they loud. 

I was craving eggs but didn’t want to fail the diet. 5lbs in 4/5 days is pretty good but I wondered, how much will I gain by breaking the rules? 

Nope! Can’t do it! I reached for a bottle of water instead and headed for the door. 

As I went to put on my black comfy flat shoes, I caught myself in the mirror and   thought I had a glow. I couldn’t possibly pair that with black. The sun was shining and I was feeling so good it was showing. Happiness was my make-up today and that called for my Pink Pumps! 

Just looking at them makes me smile. 

As I got to my appointment the receptionist said “I didn’t recognise you! You look lovely” – compliment was taken. 

Whilst I was waiting to be seen I couldn’t help but eves drop on the lady in front of me talking with her doctor who appeared to be interested in what she was saying – quite the skill. She was quite loud but not brash. 

As I listened I studied her and it made me smile as I realised we’re all batshit crazy. Some of us just hide it well. 

With 4 of her front teeth missing she  spoke as though no one else was in the room and at a hundred miles an hour. She had bright make-up on – not too bold but certainly not matching. Her clothes were just that – clothes. Nothing made ‘sense’ and her pants were so tight it gave her 4 arses. I smiled because she didn’t give a damn and seemed so happy. Happy in her skin.

How beautiful is that?

My doctor was now running 25 minutes late when a slightly weathered gentleman    took the happy lady’s place and smiled at me. I smiled back and quickly looked away. I’m not good with conversations with strangers. As I made fleeting glances back I could tell he was itching to talk to me. I’ve smiled again this time though he spun out with excitement, hands going happy clapping,

“You’re not Cinderella are ya? Wiv those shoes”

“They’re jewelley* like Cinderella aye”

He was so happy with himself, like he’d just given the one liner of the century. Bless. 

He then went on to tell me about Royals that had died from syphalis – nice. 

He was wearing trousers that snapped at the ankle and a shirt with a crazy hypnotic pattern. His brown shoes had no laces and he was carrying a medium sized leopard print bag that appeared to be empty. Despite missing a tooth he smiled a lot and seemed happy. 

Next up he wanted to tell me about the water machine at this particular clinic.

“Best warta* ever! Try some…”

I politely showed him my bottle of water from home and he kindly told me it was rubbish compared to the machine ‘stuff’! And showed me the telephone number printed on the cooler to ‘get one installed in my house’

40 minutes late my doctor calls me through. 

Another beautiful moment over. 

My appointment went well and ended with my doctor telling me I’d made her happy… 

Wow what’s going on today?!

Windows down and music playing I made my way to compliment central – I mean the chemist! 

The pharmacist came over to me and told me how lovely I looked today and it was so good to see me… erm okay. I was smiling taking in the approval but getting creeped out thinking they can all see something I don’t…

In the supermarket a woman’s grabbed my arm and said

“I love your hair yes very nice” 

Then disappeared before I could say 

‘It’s a wig!!’

I came home and caved on my diet with porridge and banana – my fave and decided I’d join another slimming club that actually allows food later in the evening. 

They were so, so lovely and happy there and encouraging so this time I told someone else how good they’d looked instead. Pay it forward. They really smiled. 

Overall a smiley, happy, positive day and I think it was down to my Pink Pumps! 

I love shoes😍

What will tomorrow bring…


*No typo


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