Busy but positive is how I’d describe today.

It was 1 o’clock before I’d realised I hadn’t taken my morning pills and I instantly felt stressy. 

I had an early morning appointment so didn’t have time for breakfast as I was rushing – late as usual

After a quick drive and some questionable parking I’d arrived 10 minutes late and was seen straight away. Happy days! 

The specialist nurse I saw was a lovely slight lady that was ever so chatty and happy. 

She spoke at – I mean to me, for 45 minutes making sure I understood everything before letting me go. 

I have Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis https://www.blf.org.uk/support-for-you/idiopathic-pulmonary-fibrosis-ipf/what-is-it

The next step is Pulmonary Rehabilitation which I’m looking forward to. 

I really wanted to write more tonight but my sleeping tablet has kicked in quicker than expected so I’ll have to say good news and goodnight. 


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