Fuck It

I’ve had a great day surrounded by great people. 

Other than having palpitations that have lasted a week I feel good. 

Everything is moving in the right direction and everything is working out just fine. 

8 weeks ago I was in the depths of hell – now I’m good and feel a little proud that I made it through. 

I hope I never feel that low again. I genuinely wanted my heart to stop beating, now I want to live forever. 

My good friend created a ‘fuck it’ list and is totally living her life. She inspires me. If I had to live my life again I’d want to be an amazing human like her. 

Once I have my life more in order I think I should create a ‘fuck it’ list too! 

What to add to it…? 


2 thoughts on “Fuck It

  1. Fuck it why not fly a kite…fuck it why not stand outside in the rain…fuck it why not Dance..fucking it why not sing really loud! So glad u are better


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