YaY! You’ve found me!

My birth name is Quinamina but I’ve been known as Mina all of my life.

I am 35

I am the single parent to a teenager who is also my best friend and suffers from Aspergers.

I’m part of a large blended family – 1 of 7 children through my mother. My father had 9. My (step) father took my mother on with 6 kids and came with 5 of his own – he’s an amazing man. Christmas day is the busiest day.

I have 2 cats – Milo and Lizzie.

I love a cup of good black coffee.

I am very sick and have been all of my adult life. But because I look so well people struggle to comprehend the seriousness and complications of the conditions I have. Well, I have well and truly come undone and can no longer hold it together, sooo I’m in a pretty bad place and hope that by writing I’ll come good.

I have the most loyal friends spurring me to fight on.

I wear wigs all the time

I am paranoid.

I suffer badly from depression.

I am insecure.

I need loving.

ALL of me will be revealed in my blogs.